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positive review  Today we participated in Suzan’s “no-nonsense” childbirth course. It was certainly no-nonsense, no vague methods or the like, but scientifically substantiated information. Suzan told, with a bit of humor, how everything will go later and what you can do to make the delivery go smoothly. We left with a lot of new knowledge and the confidence that everything will be fine. Thanks Susan! Regards, Jamie & Esther
& Esther

Jaimie Hooi Avatar
Jaimie Hooi

positive review  Did the childbirth course with Suzan this afternoon. It was very fun and educational. We had very useful tips and tricks so that we are now well prepared! The course was not at all floaty but light and fun! I can definitely recommend it to everyone!!!

Sharon Baron Avatar
Sharon Baron

positive review  Just attended Suzan’s childbirth course. Both my friend and I have experienced this as very instructive. Suzan knows how to convey all information and practical tips in a very fascinating way. The content of the course is scientifically substantiated and not at all vague. In short; highly recommended! We look forward to the birth with confidence. Dominic and Jeremy.

Dominique Diepgrond Avatar
Dominique Diepgrond

positive review  Short and powerful course to prepare for your birth. Clear explanation by means of pictures etc., so no boring theory. At the end a short summary with all the important things at a glance. In addition, it is also nice that there is the possibility to ask questions by phone. Suzan takes the time for you and gives good tips. So really recommended!

Mariëlle Van Pelt Kok Avatar
Mariëlle Van Pelt Kok

positive review  The childbirth course with Suzan is super educational, not at all floaty or sitting on a yoga mat for 3 hours 😉 Because of the interaction, the 3 hours are over and you have learned a lot of things!

Lindy Becker Avatar
Lindy Becker

positive review  Suzan is a nice spontaneous down to earth woman who explains clearly, even for me as a Brazilian. She also involves the men with questions and without becoming mushy. It is also useful that she works with pictures. That makes the 3-hour course clear and not boring. Thank you Susan!

Dinaísa Gomes Avatar
Dinaísa Gomes

positive review  No nonsense, scientifically substantiated and packed with practical tips that you can use at home. Informative, interactive and it’s clear Suzan has a lot of passion for what she does

Anne Verdaasdonk Avatar
Anne Verdaasdonk

positive review  Clear and complete story!

Liëll van Hezik Avatar
Liëll van Hezik

positive review  As 2 sober people, we did not want to follow a floating puff course. Despite the fact that due to circumstances we had to follow the course online, we are very happy that we followed this course. Suzan also knows how to keep your attention online by explaining in a short, but above all clear way what will happen to your body and how you, but also your partner, can support your body to do what it must do. We would like to go for a home birth and this course has given us even more confidence that we can handle it. We definitely recommend the course!

Lieke Dix Avatar
Lieke Dix

positive review  We are ready for the delivery! At first I was very hesitant to do a birthing course at all, but luckily my husband persuaded me. We received so many useful tips that we have not heard before and after the course we are really reassured and therefore completely ready for the birth. Thanks again Susan!

Jessica Wilffert Windhorst Avatar
Jessica Wilffert Windhorst

positive review  Super nice, sober and scientifically based course. I was hesitant about going to a course at all, but I’m very happy that I went. It has been very useful, and I will soon go into my birth with a more confident and relaxed feeling. Thanks Susan!

Lana Kooper Avatar
Lana Kooper

positive review  Super! Where I learned some alternative tips & tricks during yoga, Suzan gave us practical information based on scientific facts, a nice counterpart. The course was smooth, interactive but above all informative, which allowed us to enter the birth a little more confidently. In short, highly recommended. Thank you Susan!

Misja Swain Avatar
Misja Swain

positive review  In Corona time we were looking for a suitable pregnancy course. This is where we came across this course from Suzan. Everything is very clearly explained and to the point. In addition, it was all in terms of duration also manageable and simply interesting. Without corona we might have ended up at a physical course, but now that we have done this, we can especially recommend it to everyone!

Stephan Gort Avatar Stephan Gort
7 June 2021

positive review  We were looking for a clear, clear but above all straight to the point course. A course where necessary information and facts are shared and you do not receive unnecessary vague information. This especially to keep my partner fascinated and to give him the information needed as a supportive partner. And that has worked :). The nice way of telling, the sober attitude of the narrator and the humor with which the information is given is very pleasant and kept our attention well! The great thing about the course is that you can determine the time and place yourself. So just enjoy the weekend from the couch :D. What is also very nice is the quick response of Suzan, the one who gives the course. In any case, we have been greatly helped by this course and I certainly recommend it to others.

Elle van der Heijden Avatar Elle van der Heijden
4 March 2021

positive review  Nice course! Sober and good tips. Although you never know what to expect, this gave me enough to hold on to.

Annemijn van der Veer Avatar Annemijn van der Veer
29 January 2021

positive review  Definitely recommended with your partner. Not at all floaty, nice to the point and a joke here and there and educational!

Any of Lions Avatar Elke van Leeuwen
30 December 2020

positive review  A nice and instructive course, I enjoyed looking at it together and living together towards the birth. Suzan takes you very visually step by step to the delivery, so that we can really relax a little more. So highly recommended!! Arjan and Elise

Elise Ton Avatar Elise Ton
16 December 2020

positive review  Took this course this morning and together so much wiser. Really good preparation, no-nonsense and with humor, three hours well spent! Thanks Susan! Gr, Bert and Layla

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